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Congrats, I enjoy reading EatingAsia so I will vote.

South India Tour

Ya will surly vote for your blog, i love reading your blog as i find it very interesting


Congratulations! And well deserved... I will be voting, for you of course.

Also thanks for introducing Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford's "Hot Sour Salty Sweet" book, a great find and one I am enjoying working through and with at the moment.

Teri Y.

Done! Good luck!


So great that you are nominated; I want you to get your well-deserved win. And it's great to see your comment, Tim. If you like Hot Sour Salty Sweet, you wold I think enjoy Mangoes & Curry Leaves, which travels through the Indian Subcontinent (including Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan); and BEyond the Great Wall, which goes to Tibet and other outlying parts of China.

Robyn tells me I need to remind people of the books.... and so here I am letting you know!


Congratulations! When I mention or link to your blog on eGullet there is always a comment or two that you guys are "simply the best"


Congratulations! I always love your fantastic blogs and photos. :)


Our vote is yours. We're still raving about Penang by the way.


Hangon a bit. What happens if you get popular?
No more personal responses. No more special personal food/photo tours for a few friends from the blog.

Go big, get well-known - twill be the end of this cosy little blog tucked into a quiet and friendly back alley of the blogosphere ....


Thanks everyone!

Tim - I see Naomi herself has already replied, but it always amazes me that HSSS, and the other books, are not more well-known. I've always found the recipes to be fail safe. I never really started cooking much Indian/South Asia food until I dipped into Mangoes and Curry Leaves, and then I couldn't stop. I'm now testing some recipes from Naomi's next book, on Burma -- and I can tell you you're in for a treat!

Heidi - that's nice to know, about eGullet. Thanks for telling us.

Barbara -- just took a food journalist from New Zealand on a variation of the food walk I did with you and Jim. Hit no 1: coconut tarts. I thought you'd be able to relate to that. ;-)

Bobster - Never! But if we got *really* popular and were offered a book deal, then there would be more of us to love. ;-)


Congratulation! I've just voted :) Good luck :)

M Koh

Congratulation. You have my vote. Looking forward to your new foodie adventure when you have settle down in Penang. Never get tired of your blog. A inspiration to us hopelessly sick for home Malaysian abroad. Your narration of SEA through the lens and words that kept us thoroughly glued to your blog.
Thanks for giving us a better appetite to travel more to Malaysia and SEA.

Singapore Tourism

hey congrats!


I happily voted. This is my favorite food blog. It's also a favorite of local food writer (and NY Times food columnist) John T. Edge, who a while back wrote something to the effect that it proved to him that serious food writing could occur on a blog.


I never, ever register on any website just to vote for something, but I registered on Saveur just so I could vote for you -- that's how much I love your blog.


Like the previous poster, I rarely sign up for things just for a vote. HOWEVER, after being linked here I've spent the last couple of weeks glued to this blog: past, present, and in anticipation of future posts.

Your blog takes me back to my 2 months spent trying out street food all over SE Asia. While I love that, this blog also keeps showing me all the great food I missed out on. Hahaha, definitely going to have to make it back to that side of the world now. Hopefully, next time, for a much longer period of time! In any case, love the blog and can't wait for your future posts! Congrats

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