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Looks absolutely delicious!
I was originally from Melaka and left 26 years ago! A friend of mine just started 2 "rest houses" there, 45 Lekiu and "the Stable", both are so gorgeous in different way, would you like to have a look?
Please don't forget to visit the small chinese shop in Pantai Kundor, near Petronas Refinery! Cheers!

Marts Aziz

My mother used to make mango pickles a lot, we have supply from mango trees planted around our house. I like them a lot, we even eat the pickles with rice as side dish.

After reading your entry, I think I'm going to make one. :-D


Wow, this looks and sounds incredible! I would love to dine here.


I love this post....wish I were there. This is a great photo...the edge of the mason jar so sharp and the wood grain popping out of the photo.


Laksa the food of the Gods ..... I make my own laksa paste and it reminds me so much of the good ones I had in Malaysia.
Never tried fresh mango pickle though.


Gorgeous photos and well-written article, as always! My mum was born in Malacca and is half-Nonya, so I grew up with plenty of exposure to the delicious Nonya food. Part of me wishes to take an extended trip back to Malaysia just to learn how to cook from my aging grandmother..


Brilliant post. This has been raved upon, whenever the subject of authentic (and unpretentious) Nyonya cuisine was mentioned. All this while, I have only been to Donald & Lilly's, which is about a street or two away. But somehow, the food there lacked charisma, so to speak. Though the pongteh was good.

Teri Y

I think the laksa is calling out my name. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I like pie tees although I don't get to eat it as often as I'd like to.

My Singaporean husband and I always argue about whether Malaysian or Singaporean laksa is better. I think hands down any version of Malaysian laksa is better!

Bill Murray

This is just a consistently top-notch, well done blog. Congratulations. And thanks!



love pickled mango, although in Hawaii we dye it bright red. :)

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But the beauty of working with a photographer is that while I'm busy with interviews he's out and about, walking the streets looking for great shots. Being Dave, he can't help also being on the lookout for delicious food -- even if that's not the storyline he's shooting to.


Assam laksa is hands-down my favourite laksa, but I have to say that Nyonya laksa looks pretty delicious. I will be checking out this place on my next trip to Malacca.

Kuih pai tee is notoriously difficult to make well -- it's one of those fiddly Nyonya specialties that is usually mediocre but, as you have discovered, BRILLIANT when done well. In secondary school, my class almost attempted it for a fundraising fun fair. Can you imagine?!? Pai tee mass produced by teenage girls. Run away! We ended up making burgers and rojak instead, thank goodness.

Manisha Chopra

Malacca is really a nice place for spending holidays and the food here was so yummy that it still tickles my tongue.


Laksa is one of my favourite food and I think that must be one of the nicest place to eat laksa.
That jar of mango makes my mouth water :)

Bee | Rasa Malaysia

I have never tried the Melaka Nyonya Laksa. It looks or sounds like Penang curry mee but the cucumber and daun kesom toppings are very interesting...

Kuei-Ti Lu

The cucumber makes the cups taste fresh and is one of my favorite ingredients in summer.

I did not try mango pickle before. How does it taste? Does it have something in taste in common with other kinds of pickle?

Jordan McDonald

Love your blog...We stopped by Nancy's Laksa stall just this morning. "Did you read about me on EatingAsia?" she said. She's a real sweet lady...before I knew it she was giving me little samples of everything else she makes, too. Hard to believe this place is just 2 blocks from the Hard Rock Cafe.

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