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OMG this looks amazing!!! I miss local street food!!


I have had some great pork at KL and landed on the page looking for some more .... then I saw the noodles....somebody pinch me

Manisha Chopra

My friend is living in Malaysia and whenever he calls me he tells me about the people and food of this country. He really loves that place. After watching these pics even i can not resist my appetite.

Teri Y

I think I can eat the hakka mee right out of the pictures! Any tips as to where you bought those best curry puffs? Would like to take note of that the next time I'm in KL.


this noodle dish looks so good. omg i am such a big fan of noodles. thanks for posting! i wish to visit KL one day...


I am surprised that this is such an institution now. I only know this stall as the amazingly good but obscure Hakka mee stall my dad always takes me too whenever I am back in Malaysia. :D (note: Saturday mornings are usually not crowded at all, and with the stall being located beside a small lane off the main road, I did think that the stall is an obscure place few people know)


Teri, the curry puffs are on the 1st street running off Jalan Petaling -- is it Hang Lekir? The street Hong Leong bank is on. At the mouth of an alley betw Petaling and Sultan, on the same side of the street as Hon Kee porridge. On one side of the alley they sell yu char kueh/steamed cake etc. On the other side, curry puffs. Note -- it's not the thick, swirled flaky pastry. It's very thin and crispy. I prefer it -- more filling. ;-) There's hard-boiled egg in there too.

Raymond, I guess it's an institution for pork-ophiles in the know. But we were there at 8am on a holiday Monday, the streets were fairly deserted but every table was full. By the time we left at 830 pple were waiting for seats. And if you go too late on the weekends they're sold out! (for good reason, right?)


My father and brother been there too.


Anything that ramps up the a dish's overall pigginess is to be applauded. Sadly all this wonderful street food is thousands of miles away from London. Boo. The contrasts in porky tastes and textures sound very good indeed, and something else that the Far East does a lot better than most Euro-cuisine.


I so miss those Hawker stalls in Malaysia and Singapore. Nothing comes close here in the UK ....


Will you be posting about the stall that Dave thinks might be better? Or at least please tell us where to find it!

Rasa Malaysia

"Dang. Malaysian street food rules. It really does." I agree with both hands and legs! And since I returned to the US, everything here tastes so bland and, errr, boring. I miss Malaysia!

Miami catering

I really like your post because it gives me new learning on the this dish. This recipes is certainly yummy and one of a kind. Thanks for sharing!


Argh you just made me homesick. I've had that so many times with my Dad when I was growing up there...

khana pakana in urdu

I tried this recipe at home.. And I would say it was really nice and taste was yummy!!

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