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Wonderful story.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.


Beautiful essay!! We our so much a reflectin of our mothers cooking.


What a great story. The wok will finally get what is has been waiting for:)


Lovely homage....


I had a similar experience with my Mom. She is an excellent cook, although much more adventurous (spent a semester in Mexico, always on the forefront of healthy food). Oddly, my likewise international traveling father is the one who has held them back on the ethnic food front. I have no idea how Mom managed to continually produce interesting multi-course dishes with perfect timing for a family of four. My timing still sucks, but I'm just cooking for me so it's no one else's problem.

I (unlike my very undomesticated little sister) realized I would need to leave home someday and tried to learn what I could from Mom. Now I shop at the Asian markets every week, use bi-lingual English/Mandarin cookbooks, and shocked my Chinese ex with my cooking.

The best thing I learned from Mom was that eating out was an occasional emergency event and that people should be able to make healthier and better meals at home without too much trouble. That attitude has immeasurably helped my budget, waistline, and palate. Thanks, Mom.


WOW! What a tribute! I never inherited my mom's wok, but, although she isn't an adventurous eater, I inherited her love for cooking and baking and feeding the family well. I wish I were a workhorse like her, though.


Thank you for that lovely story! I can relate to that - my mother and I are far from each other when it comes to cooking preferences. But, I always believed that my interest in food started with her, because she always brought home-cooked meals to our table, and we never had tv-dinner or even semi-finished ingredients (ok, maybe ketchup) - that way, she made me appreciate food and the art of cooking. I love your blog, btw.

All the best
/Your Swedish follower.

Eleanor Hoh

Lovely to hear you also inherited your mother's wok and it's the most well used pan! Ditto. It's funny how your life has come full circle with food. Keep up the good work with all you do to introduce us to foreign Asian countries and foods in all its color and glory. Happy Mother's Day, as you are one to your pets.


Lovely. Thank you! I have some parallel experiences.


Really touching post. (My wok is my most treasured item too, but alas, has no story to it.)


Loved this line: In the kitchen and out of it, I'm nothing like my mother. And so very much like her too.. And can so identify with it


I loved reading this! Thanks so much for posting it and sharing about your mother and yourself. I'll be back. :o)


Great story Robyn, and great mother !

Bunny Eats Design

Hi, I just found your blog and your post really spoke to me. Beautifully written. I cooked a feast for my mother yesterday. It wasn't her favourite, transporting dish like what you made though. But I planned it all week and it was quite a feast. I think as we grow older and gain this funny thing called perspective, we can see our mothers in ourselves more and more. It's no longer infuriating as it was when we were teens to be pointed out that we are like our mothers in some tiny way.

Meister @ The Nervous Cook

This post is so touching.

Thank you for adding such a bright spot to an already lovely Mother's Day: I feel so blessed to be able to appreciate my own mother, and all other mothers who love, sacrifice for, and nourish us along the way.

(My own mother wouldn't know a wok from a windmill, but without her I wouldn't have the great love of food I do. I'm so grateful.)


I think you do yourself a disservice with that first sentence. really touching, beautifully written story.

I could tell the same from the opposite hemisphere perhaps - my mother produces the stinky and the smelly while I produce the european clockfaces of meat, veg and starch. and after my mother visited me in london and we travelled in europe, she talks of meringues and ballotines.

thanks for this great piece.


Thanks for the beautiful post. Mothers shape us girls in so many complex ways, between similarity and opposition.


This post took alot out of me but after reading these comments I'm completely pumped up. Thank you everyone for reading this looong post and leaving such kind words about it here.

Doji -- I could say the same abt my mom. A real appreciation for home-cooked meals is sth I have bec of her.

Ha TP - yes, I wish I had my mother's stamina. Even now at near 80 she outdoes me, caring for pets and doing heavy lifting in the barn (they have horses) and doing housework AND getting a meal on the table every night. Yikes.

Hälsporren - I always wanted TV dinners and my mom wouldn't allow it. Only maybe twice a year as a "treat" when she and my dad were going out. Now I think those were wasted meals for me. ;-) Thanks for the nice words about the blog.

Eleanor - didn't think of it that way, but things really have come full circle for me. Thanks.

Bunny Eats - oh my, how astute your observation is: "It's no longer infuriating as it was when we were teens to be pointed out that we are like our mothers in some tiny way." So true.

As you should be Meister. Here's to our moms who raised us to love cooking and eating. (Or even just eating.)

Claudia - thanks for that comment. Makes me wonder how many more cooks (and their mothers) like "us" are out there.

Caffettiera - so true. Sometimes by trying, and sometimes unintentionally.




Beautiful story! I was so honestly moved! that's life. My mom barely even cooks anymore, but thanks to her innovating dishes throughout my childhood (never the same dishes for special events or holidays) is how I grew up to love food and search for more out there. A big cheers to moms around the World! They deserve it!

Teri Y.

I loved every bit of this story! Thanks for sharing.


Lovely story ... thank you!


Great read!


Thanks for sharing this story.

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