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Lovely post and such a wonderful tribute to your mother. I realize late in life how much I learned about food and cooking from my mom, even if we are also different in so many ways. Moms are really awesome :) I hope I can fill those shoes!

Deb Olson

Hey Robyn, I'm loving this visual of you and your mom traipsing in Chengdu in '85. It was my first trip to Asia w/Jeff & Nom in '87 that the foods there opened my eyes to a whole different way of eating. My mother was very similar, but never straying from the clockface meat/veg/starches. I still love offering up whatever will be tasty but so different every time to visit or they come up to my house. What a great essay!

Sunflo Wii

i love this post! great story. thank you for sharing it.


This is a very well written story and I'm glad you took the time to share!


Thank you for sharing this touching story. I totally enjoyed reading it. So hearwarming

The Grubworm

What a great post and tribute to your mum. I was also lucky enough to grow up with a mother who loved food and making delicious things. She introduced me to so much lovely food - usually with a continental angle to it.

And now, inspired by travel and living in a very cosmopolitan city, I have the privilege of returning the favour, introducing her to Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, Lebanese, Indian (north and south) and all manner of other exciting cuisines. And it's so much fun!


A story beautifully told. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading it :)

Lisa in Toronto

Just wanted to say I had an excellent Mother's Day week with my mother in Istanbul.
We tried many of the places on your hand-drawn map, including Mucver, and made a multi-ferry quest to the unforgettable Besiktas Kaymakci and 7-8 bakery.
I do encourage others to try the Istanbul Eats Culinary Walks. We used their book often on our trip, and the walk was really a lot of fun. One must skip breakfast that day though ... and dinner!
Yes I do now see how much I resemble my mother, and no it is no longer so infuriating.
thanks for the excellent blog posts!

scrapper al

This was a beautiful tribute. You may enjoy the fact that my mom (who's Chinese) never cooked with a wok because she thought it was too messy. That didn't stop her from cooking us marvelous meals.


I have always said that there is no cooking like a mother's cooking. They make magic no matter what their cooking skill or level is.

Going With My Gut

What a lovely lovely post, Robyn. Thank you.


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I have no idea how Mom managed to continually produce interesting multi-course dishes with perfect timing for a family of four.


Great story, and very touching.

Eva Wong Nava

What a beautiful story. I've just discovered your blog by accident via another food blog. I grew up in SE Asia but have live for the past 20 years in Europe. Your blog has so many wonderful eating adventures that I am so envious of. Your stories bring back many happy hawker eating experiences in Singapore and Malaysia. I love Malacca for their Peranakan cuisine and their history steeped in Portuguese colonisation. Thank you for jogging so many wonderful childhood memories.


What a great story. It was very touching.


Lovely, lovely piece!

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