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ah.. the fresh fish! from the fishing boat? My Penang friends never brought me to see the boats!

u need to grab some banana leaves from your garden or nab from your neighbour's.

use them instead of foil and they will taste and smell better :-p


Penang boy living in London. Would die for those fishes. Hungry now. This cold summer's morning is not helping at the moment.

Todd Lowe


Football Manager 2012

They look very nice!


I'm salivating! Oh my, you've moved up north?! Good for you. Looks like I have a lot of catching-up reading to do!
Penang is a wonderful place to be in, the best throughout the entire country, IMO. Make sure you make time to trek to the mainland too.
Enjoy your stay in Penang and keep the posts coming!

Teri Y

You just inspired me to make this over the weekend.

Looks amazingly comforting eaten with steaming hot white rice...

Marts Aziz

Beautiful. That's how I cook my seafood too, quick and easy. I hope we get to read more entries from you since you have settled down there. :-D


Wow...the sambal fish looks pretty inviting. What I need now is a plate of white rice and that is breakfast for me in cloudy London. Penang welcome Robyn, Dave and the dogs. Needless to add, your choice of Penang as your home speak for itself.
I don't suppose you can share the location of the roadside stall of the fishmonger? Can't seems to pinpoint the location.


Really fresh fish, cooked with aromats... amazing, really wish I could have had this one as a snack!


From one person that spends way too much time in the kitchen to another, I'm definitely glad to see that you're back to posting. Fresh fish: One of the many advantages of SE Asia that I miss dearly.

Thanks for the easy sambal recipe.


glad to hear you're settling in. :)


They look absolutely, spicy / hot /delicious.


Snippets of Thyme

I am just loving your blog!! Everything about it so interesting; I feel like I am escaping into your world for each post. Off to read more...


Wow, talk about getting it straight from the source. It doesn't get fresher than that! I enjoyed this post, though I think adding some pictures of the actual stall would help me visualize the entire process.

Bee | Rasa Malaysia

I am so jealous Robyn...and glad that you're enjoying Penang and its fresh bounty. My sister told me all the 3 stalls are owned by the same fisherman...not sure if it's true. You mentioned lime in your post, did you get calamansi lime? Miss the tastes of home! :)

shaun @ everybody loves ramen

The other day when I read this post I started salivating!!
On the walk home from work I had to pop into the fish mongers and follow suit.
Delicious, healthy, fresh, easy, SAMBAL -- what more could you want?


This type of fish (called kembong locally, but you already knew that) also comes salted in case you haven't come across them. They are just as nice this way - especially yummy with hot plain porridge (congee). Check with the fish vendor though they are sometimes available at supermarkets.

Hi! Came here from the newspaper article I read yesterday. Am surprised that you cook with belacan and you eat durian. You are more a Malaysian than some Malaysians. Enjoy Malaysia and now Penang!


There are still a lot of delicious food for you to explore in Penang! Great to know that you have settled down in this little island....Penang.

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