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I have a friend from Taiwan who collects various cute things, dolls etc etc. I can see where she gets her inspiration from, it seems the whole country is similar!

Teri Y.

Ah... I thought the first picture was taken in Philadelphia.

Jamina Lai

One of my absolute favorite things to eat in Taipei is at the Miaokou night market in Keelung. It's the "ding bian cuo" that's number 1 on this list: http://www.formosatravel.net/top-stories/6-top-stories/71-temple-mouth-night-market-visiting-keelungs-most-famous-tourist-draw.html

Pak Zawi

Sorry for being so late to respond to your comment. Yes I am on FB under my name Mohamad Zawawi Ahmad. My contact number is 0199125647. Will be glad to help in whatever way.


Very cute. Reminds me of the LOVE letters in NYC. Have you been?

Meister @ The Nervous Cook

I can't wait! I was just thinking back so fondly on my trip to Taiwan, last summer. Oh, how I wish I were back in Hualien, eating these dumplings: http://bit.ly/iwVDAZ

Turkey's For Life

Looks like a really fun place to spend some time. Lots of photography opportunities! :)


My daughter-in-law is from Kaohsiung and I've learned to eat the BEST stuff from her and her mother when she visits. They've broadened my palate tremendously. (burnt my lips off too!)

Not sure about the bunnies though :)


Maureen - We are in Kaohsiung now! And will be here 5-7 days. I would love to hear some recommendations from your DIL, esp for any place serving spicy food -- which I didn't see much of in Kaohsiung on our last trip.


if u hv time, visit yilan. had some of the best taiwan cuisine there.

Pooja SIngh

Really nice blog, will surely ask my friends to have a look at it.

Snippets of Thyme

I don't know about Taipei but when we lived in Japan, we often noticed how childlike the decor was. Even in people's cars, Disney type of decor framed the dash, steering wheel, etc. I didn't know whether to be delighted or curious.


They do take their love for cute stuff to a whole new level. Can't say I am into cute stuff, but the bunnies are beyond cute.


I really hope that we'll get to see more of Taiwan. This makes me real happy as I'm planning om moving to Taiwan within the near future!

Jonha | FriendsEat

Looking forward for your review of Taiwanese foods. I've heard they've got a lot of street foods that are definitely worth trying ;)

Rajasthan Udaipur

Wow these pics are amazing....

arnold  leland

time to once again recommend your gorgeous
web page and blog to my little following
on Twitter...

Arnold Leland (Bangkok)



I think I saw the same LOVE letters in Tokyo. LOVEly! Not going to kiaoshung this time but hope my dousing will be as deliciousnas the one you had and describe in your post. Thanks for sharing.

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