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You'll laugh, but at the moment those bananas look like the best thing ever! Of course, this is because I am a deprived West Australian who hasn't eaten a banana in months. Our banana supply has been badly affected by storms and floods and the price has shot up (AU$12 - $15 a kilo!)...

But seriously, the nasi kerabu looks divine...


Colorful pics!


That nasi kerabu is a funk of a dish, isn't it...a lotta colour going on!

I'm intrigued by that hairy looking stuff in the purple plastic bags?

Saddened by the demise of yet another Asian wet market...as you know, the trend is the same in Vietnam...just last weekend I was out scouting some of the big suburban markets that have disappeared or been relocated to less propitious places since my last trip out there.

Here, market vendors carry no clout and everyone else is pretty complacent (even happy) about this kind of 'progress'.


I am hungry. Miss Malaysian food :(


Hi, Robyn! Wow, of course this is leaving me hungry again and homesick for Asia. You got me on the Blue Rice, and of course rice is queen to me ;-). I'll look into pea flowers.

Budu, is very similar to bagoong (fermented) na isda (fish) in the Philippines. One of my favorite condiments!

Thank you for sharing!

Hungry Female

I absolutely adore Nasi Kerabu too, sometimes we forget about the awesome food up in the Northern States of Malaysia

Nisha India

Your pics made me hungry, all the dishes seems to be so yummy :)


This is very unique. Blue rice or something its my first time to see this. Thanks for sharing


Lovely colours!


variety of food.....i am feeling hungry

Pooja SIngh

Wow really nice pics feeling so hungry after watching them.

Anabol Dianabol

Nasi kerabu topped with kerepok I loooove this dish. Great picture.

Dianabol Anabol


Nasi dagang looks delish!


Does this mean the night market has moved too? I only stopped in Kota Bharu for one night, but had an awesome Murtabak.


I take pics of food for quite a while http://www.flickr.com/photos/81223571@N00/sets/72157606477774246/ but now that I've descovered this blog I clearly see that there's lots of room for improvement!
Thanks for for those mothwatering pics!


I thought I saw u that morning when u and ur partner were taking pics of the nasi dagang. Was so tempted to say hello ^^

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