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Snippets of Thyme

It all looks so delicious. I love your photos of street scenes with people going about their day and eating food that seems so exotic to us.


i love your entries about authentic asian food. it totally opens up my eyes to what else is out there! this looks so simple and delicious!

Kristina @ wired2theworld

Makes me want to get on a plane RIGHT NOW. Have an amazing time!

Nate @ House of Annie

Nom nom nom.

You make me miss Vietnamese so bad!

Account Deleted

Robyn, when you're next in HCMC, please look us up. We'd love to treat you guys to our street-food Saigon After Dark tour. We leave the guidebook sites behind and get into District 4 & 3 for the authentic experience of sitting in real residential neighborhoods, squatting on real tiny blue chairs, and sampling an array of fantastic street fare. Cheers!


Beautiful entry. Though one might argue on the hygiene level of squatted by the roadside with zooming vehicles distanced by several feet, there's no denying the charm of street food in Hanoi. Still rmbr those unbelievably thick and robust coffee sipped in the mornings.


Could you include sometime some recipes?
Otherwise great blog!


yum! I miss Vietnam

Shira Schnitzer

Oh to be on a stool (rather than behind a desk). I've never come across this dish before, but it looks and sounds fantastic.


Damn I miss Vietnam. Can't wait to see where else you guys eat.


Best street food I had in Vietnam was Bun Cha ..... I miss it so much ..


You make me miss Vietnam, and I envy you VERY MUCH for eating street food & (seem to) not get tummy aches. Your blog is where I go when I'm feeling nostalgic about my Vietnam trips. You guys are so great!!!


Great food tip Robyn, it's always difficult to find sth light and appropriate especially at warm temperatures, so thanks for sharing!

Cristine at Restaurant Food Delivery

We have plans to go to Vietnam early next month, I will make sure I won't miss the experience of eating authentic Asian food!

Looks delicious :)


World Best Recipes

Looks great. I can't wait to try this. Thank you.


I love fried tofu.

Urbane Fruits

Oh I miss the tofu. And a fresh Bia Hanoi or two. Best in the heat!


Yummy! I'd love to try some right this moment. I'm heading for the kitchen :).

Neil Butterfield

Sounds awesome and sounds like you had a great time.

Food Safety Course

You are really catching my taste buds right now and makes me want to jump and go to Vietnam! Haha! Anyway, I'm not much of a fan of fried tofu but the thing about your picture is like it seems sooooo delicious.

elizabethranger (bubbleteafordinner.com)

This is my favourite food in the world... or at least, in the top 10, which is saying something.

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