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And we go Nam Chun for the Sarawak laksa. Only. Guess sometimes, there are options overlooked.


such gorgeous photos- what is in the last dish in broth-yee mee? ie what are the ingredients? x shayma


J2Kfm -- it's good to branch out now and again! But I do love that Sarawak laksa.

Shayma -- never cooked it myself, but the main ingredient are wheat noodles. There are chunks of pork, slices of fish paste and leaf lettuce, and the sauce is meaty and soy sauce-heavy. There may be taucu (bean paste) in there as well. It's cooked and served on a hot metal platter and an egg is cracked in right at the end (about 7 o'clock in the photo) so you can stir it into the hot noodles. It's delicious.


Those noodles look so amazing. Love the action photo of him throwing it up in the air!

charlie ( รถเช่าเชียงใหม่ ) brown

Boom! KL Noodles look so awesome. Slightly more expensive than thai food I think?


Always go there for the Sarawak Kolo Mee, will keep a lookout for this stall on our next visit. Also love the soupy pan mee at the coffee shop just a few doors away.

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