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Jody Alexandiris

These are interesting dishes, I have no idea there were such fruits and vegetables! I really should go to Asia to learn a bit, right?

dena ross

wow, never seen any of these treats!! never been in thailand in the summer, either...

Marts Aziz

I remembered the fruit, in my hometown(Penang) it's called setoi. Extremely tall tree and hard to find these days. Did you know the thick fleshy skin is actually edible after you peel the yellowish outermost skin? I think I like the sour skin better than the flesh. Was the pickles made of the skin?


Jody, you should go to Asia and EAT!

Hi Dena - they made up for the horrid humidity. Weather-wise I must admit I prefer northern Thailand Nov/Dec/early January. You guys have got to go. So much good food there!

Hi Marts -- very interesting! The pickle was the flesh. I suppose I will have to wait till next year to try the skin. I don't think I have ever seen these sold in Malaysia but they're all over the place just over the border in southern Thailand.

Teong ONG

Somtam - we can still find the fruits in Penang. We have "fights" with the fruits - you bash mine and I bash your and so on, to see whose fruit will break first. Then we eat the fruits.


Hi Robyn,

We have setoi trees near our house in Penang when I was a kid, I'm not sure they still there anymore. I agree with Marts, I also prefer the sour skin part.


Every time I read your blog, i get so much new ideas of cooking things...love to read your blog

Calypso Bay

All of this recipes are delicious and yummy. Wish I can try some. Thank you. plus I like Somtam.

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