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Snippets of Thyme

Interesting as usual. Love the photos of the dishes to understand the plate descriptions. I'm going to have to google the locations to better understand where these cities are located. Do you ever worry about food poisoning or is that just my naivité being revealed?

marts aziz

I love daging bakar. I went to Kelantan a few years ago and ate daging bakar at a random small stall along the main road, manned by an old lady. It was soo good and I regret not taking the address of the stall. It looked very ordinary and quite unattractive actually but the taste was really wonderful.

Nate @ House of Annie

I have GOT to get to KB soon!

sinta carolina

I really like your blog, you have really beautiful and mouthwatering photographs...it inspire me a lot to make my own culinary blog...thanks!


Great photographs.All the dishes seems so delicious.I am a great admirer of Asian food.

Kelantan Gal

Hi Robyn,
Lido used to be our cinema. It slowly lost customers because of the ridiculous laws the local government imposed, for example who wants to watch a movie in a cinema with the lights on? I'm glad the name lives on at a yummy food stall. Haven't found many good daging bakar places... will have to try this one on our next visit.


Hi Robyn, great feature on Kota Bharu. Definitely one of the most underrated places in Malaysia since many people do not realize how distinct Kelantan is from the rest of the country. Food, language, politics, the extent of cross-cultural interactions

Didn't try Sup Tulang, but with all the spices mentioned, it must be delicious.


SoT - there are no guarantees with street food (or any food, for that matter, I've gotten ill from meals eaten in hotel restos) but there are precautions you can take. I've been eating Asian street food for 15+ yrs now and rarely get ill. Never in Malaysia, once in Thailand, several times in Vietnam. I'm just going to send you to a piece on how to eat street food safely in Asia that I wrote after consulting with a food safety expert in the States:
Thanks for reading!

Marts - that is often the case with the best street food! I loved this and would love to go back and further explore grilled beef in Kelantan. Who knew?

Nate - not a beautiful city by any stretch but such a goldmine of great food.

Julie and Sinta - thank you.

Kelantan Gal - interesting! Yes, this was our "surprise find" of the trip. Really loved it.

Hi Reese - sup tulang is very special indeed. I think Kelantan suffers from its proximity to the islands. Everyone just breezes through.


Where to find this in kl? I wanna eat this. But im in kl. .

Tedin Ng

We were finally in KB again after last visiting Kelantan many years ago. This trip was especially more interesting and satisfying with visits to Kopitiam Din Tokyo and Lido Corner. We'd never have found these gems on our own without your wonderful "makan" discovery work in Malaysia. Thanks Robyn!


That is wonderful to read, Tedin! Thanks for letting me know. Glad you enjoyed Kelantan.


Great read as always. Chinese celery is a wonderful garnish for soups.

Jennifer Lien

Ahhh. CS and I honeymooned there (our itinerary: Redang, KB, Kuala Trengganu, and a resort south of KT.) KB (where CS' brother did his medical housemanship) and KT were eye-opening and we ate so well, especially in KB! One day we'll be back.

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