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These photos make me want to hop on a plane and fly straight over to get some of those delectable little fish for myself. Thanks for sharing.

Snippets of Thyme

It does look delicious. I'm sure I wouldn't hesitate to pop some in my mouth too! Thanks for the tour of this town in Turkey. I'm so curious about this country.


They look supremely delicious! And, I know what you mean about taking pictures of the fish - that happened to me on the Eminonu!

Turkey's For Life

Mmmm, lucky you. Can't wait for next week so we can work our way through the mountains of hamsi we're going to order! :) I prefer them early in the season when they're still small like this.


I can't stand this. Looks delicious.


There's something beautifully simple but satisfying about this food - the best ingredients need no elaborate preparation. I'd love to see more food like this in the UK, offered simply on street corners! Thanks for a great post.


Joanne, Snippets of Thyme -- If this sort of food appeals to you, think you'd love Turkey.

Julia - hope you're enjoying your hamsi as much as we're enjoying ours. This is our first go with the early season small ones ... as delicious as the January hamsi were these are even better.

Sorry Lina you'll just have to get yourself to Turkey to try some!

Dan - I so agree. We're finding many more dishes out here in the Black Sea region along these lines ... so simple, but made with stellar ingredients and supremely satisfying.


Do they season or marinade the anchovies before they grill them?


The anchovies are sometimes lightly tossed with salt -- plain old iodized salt, mind you, nothing fancy here -- before they go into a grill basket. No oil or pepper. At least as we've eaten them.

Carina /pocketvillage

What a wonderful story Robyn, it's great to hear that the fishermen were so friendly to you after taking pictures. It's these kind of little experiences that make a travel recommendable and unforgetable. Thank you for sharing.


Hi Carina -- Dave never photographs without asking permission or otherwise making sure everyone is comfortable with it. Which insures a positive experience all around. :-)

tours china

Put the fish on the newspaper!I don't think it is a good idea. Anyway, the fish looks quite appetizing...


Hey, where are you guys? A little concerned after the quake...


Hi Robyn, Dave. Are you guys still in Turkey? I hope you are safe from the earthquake.


Thanks for asking after us, Linda and Elaine. We're in central eastern Turkey and fine. Worried for friends in Van though.


Glad to hear that you two are safe...and seeing your hamsi post just brings back so many memories of my Turkish trip

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