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the food dude

Great story! I've always dreamed of visiting Istanbul, the history, culture and the food must be awesome! Great photos too!

Andrea Nguyen

What a lovely way to have a meal -- picking flesh from the bones of super fresh fish, nibbling and talking. I'm serious. It's one of life's pleasures.

Kent Lee

Amazing - I just got back from Istanbul this weekend, and went to the exact same place due to your previous story about hamsi. And I tried the Van Kahlevi Evi breakfast place too - fantastic. Hamsi makes such a great snack, especially right next to the fish market and pier...


Thanks food dude. Istanbul should def be on your bucket list. An amazing city.

Absolutely Andrea. Even better when its by or within view of water, yes?

Hey Kent -- wow, glad to hear our hamsi story (and the Van Kahvalti story) inspired your food explorations! We can never get enough of hamsi ... which is why we are headed back to the Black Sea coast in about 1 week! Stay tuned for more seafood posts.

tours china

I am really amazed by the pictures taken by you, especially the one of your fish meal. Good work!

Jonathan Simmons

Thanks for a great article. I'm always on the lookout for places to eat great fish in Istanbul (my adopted city of more than 4 years.) I'd agree that the Galata-Bridge-fish-restaurant-thing is a bit cliched, but what can you do. Sometimes things become cliches precisely because they're so good.

Here are some other places to eat fish, if you're curious (I found them on a website called The Guide Istanbul):

Arşipel in Kuruçeşme:

Sur Balık in Arnavutköy:

And who could forget the classic Akın Balık (speaking of places in Karaköy):

Enjoy! Bon appetit! Afiyet olsun!


Hi Jonathan -- thanks for the recommendations (and lucky you, to be a resident of Istanbul!). We revisited this place today, and had excellent levrek. We passed Akin Balik on the way out and I was eyeing the items on diners' plates. Maybe when we pass through Istanbul at the end of the month.....

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