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I love that you left your cushy resort to go eat street food!


nice report!!! thanks for all those details, guys.
xoxx, n

Snippets of Thyme

You both are so brave. I love reading and looking at the street food. I would worry that my stomach may not handle it but it all looks so confusingly delicious. I have to read very slowly so I can sort all of the ingredients and how they come together. Wonderful article!


It's always such a mistake to read your posts right before I eat lunch. My pathetic turkey sandwich just doesn't cut it, when what I really want is what you guys ate :-(


Been a follower of your blog and when I finally made my way to Chiang Mai a couple of weeks ago(might have been the same time you were there), I made sure to check out Gat Luang Market because of your earlier blog on this.

Thanks for that.

And I did manage to check out a couple more, Muang Mai and Pratoo Chiang Mai Market just around my hotel.

The Grubworm

Reading this over breakfast in London is not a good idea. I am now consumed by a need for laab, something I first had in Laos a decade ago. It sums up the joy of eating in that part of the world, all those fresh fragrant flavours.

I am intrigued by the idea of the soft jelly cubes. It;s not something I have come across before and the way they are mixed with the chilli, salty peanuts and vegetables sounds amazing. A realt textural melody.

Evelline Homes

Well, of course every job has its good and bad sides but I doubt that traveling for work and experimenting with food is something to complain about, of course there must be some moments that you wish you were working in an office but enjoy it while it lasts!

dena ross

i sit here waiting for a winter snow storm and drooling over your lovely post. thank you so much for the "i can almost them" descriptions and for the wonderful picture you send of northern Thailand...


why am I not surprised :) yes you guys struck me as folks who like the real world more than the manicured one...I love to stay in great resorts, don't get me wrong...but a place comes alive to me in its streets...in an ideal world I'd stay in plus hotels and then explore the city and write about it ... yes, this is my favourite blog


Thanks for this - I've been to Sop Ruak so many times but had never come across any interesting local food. Guess I wasn't looking for the most obvious place! Will def make an effort to stop by next time.

Restaurants in Brighton

This looks very delicious & absolutely mouth watering !

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