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Snippets of Thyme

So much fun reading this article and then matching your words with the photos of the finished dishes. What a wonderful trip through Turkey this must have been.

Lisa Roosen-Runge

Oops I think it just ate my comment.
I remember the simit bakery. I really want to try Datli Maya, and to revisit Mucver. And Van Kahvalti Evi is just a couple of blocks uphill.
I need to book a trip to Istanbul soon.
This article, and my Istanbul memories, is really making me hungry.

Turkey's For Life

Well, looks like you stumbled across a great find there!! Lucky you. Will have to give that a try next time we're in Istanbul - not sure when we'll get there but I can't imagine 2012 without a visit to Istanbul. :)

Simon London

Everything looks so delicious. Turkish food is so tasty.

Going With My Gut

I'm glad you gave her a chance despite your initial skepticism. I'm fairly allergic to trendy, but worry about getting too stuck in the mud sometimes. It's really encouraging to see young mavericks hacking out an honest path.



I have been once at his place and I would never go back again. Ok, the food may be good but the service is a shame. We had a
terrible experience with my friend. We asked for two different soups for each, one vegetable and one nettle soup.. But the waiter brought us the same soup for each that had nothing to do with what we asked for. He tried to convience us that they were two different soups that we asked although they had the same color and they look like exactly the same.. Then of course, we found out that they were the same. Then the cook came, and told us in a very rude way that they are both parsley soup, without any apologize or any further explanation... We couldn't beleive how the staff could treat the clients like idiots in this way... I have never seen such an unprofessional staff.. When you go to a restourant, not only you pay for the food, but also pay for the service...So I don't think that I would turn back to this restaurant again.

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