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Hi Robyn!

Love your posts about Gat Luang, Chiang Mai and its food. After most frequent visits to northern Thailand for about two decades, we somehow didn't manage to go there during the last 3 years. This lack of meeting respective friends/food/culture makes me feel sad at times but your stories and your husband's photos really help to compensate that... ;-)

By the way: You mentioned a book about Kad Luang/Warorot Market's centenary in an earlier post. Do you know if/where it's already published? This would be a fantastic idea to put on the whish list I'm currently forced to write for the annual birthday/Xmas business here in cold grey Germany (certainly also good as a tough nut to crack in the 'gift sourcing department' :-)


doesn't he look stunning? Compliments to the photographer; that 2nd picture is a classic!


Thank you! It's wonderful, undiscovered, overlooked neighborhood. When we're working there I occasinally see Thai guides leading tourists through, eyes glazed over and clearly bored out of their minds. The guides probably have no idea of this neighborhoods historic importance and multi-ethnic communities. It's one of those places that doesn't seem like much unless someone can bring its past, and its markets, alive for you.

We are working on the book with three Thai contributors who grew up in Gat Luang. It's planned for publication around Songkran, with an accompanying gallery show of Dave's photos from this year-long project. I'll definately announce the book and tell where/how to buy it when it's available. Thank you for reading!

Mark -- Ha, the photog is not sure he's happy with the shot. So it goes.... (I love it too.)


loved reading the post and took me back to my trip of Chiang Mai last year...I think I had crossed the Gurudwara as i was trying to find my hotel on the way back from the markets...seeing a gurudwara in the middle of small town at thailand seemed surreal

Palak Paneer

I have heard about this gooseberries for years, I don't know how we call this on our local dialect.

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