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Did you taste "Keşkek", "Baklalı Sarma" and "Haşhaşlı Çörek" at Amasya?

Snippets of Thyme

I see some HUGE melon type objects on the table. They look like melons but are the size of watermelons. The little stall is wonderful with the fresh veggies in front and then the rows of baked bread in the back.


Hi Mesut -- we did have keskek in Kastamonu and hashasli corek in Tokat. What is Baklali Sarma?

Snippets -- those are cabbages! And not the biggest I've seen in Turkey either.


"Baklalı Sarma" is a type of wrapped food with a kind of fava bean done in Amasya. Very similar to "Dolma".

About cabbage, it is mostly poor man's food. Also, there is a "sarma", lahana dolma/sarma done using cabbage. Lahana sarma is very delicious.


Do you know there are opium seeds in "haşhaşlı çörek"? But of course, it is not narcotic.

About "Keşkek", the kind which is done at Merzifon, Amasya is different from the others in baking. They bake "Keşkek" with earthenware jars in old time bakeries ("Kara Fırın" in Turkish) from evening to morning, very slowly. It is a traditional festive food.

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