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Snippets of Thyme

What a wonderful article. I no idea "true" apricots dried are not supposed to come out of that "ziploc" bag and be bright orange! LOL Reason 100-something to travel to Turkey...

Cindy Lemcke-Hoong

In Holland we have many Turkish grocery stores. I love to buy fruits from them. I am sure they are not as fresh as the roadside stores in Turkey but they are good.

Have you tried their seedless grapes? The tiny little grapes? I hope this coming autumn I have a dryer so that I can dry them during high season when the price is right.


u can have fresh apricots dried by the local folks at hunza valley, northern pakistan :)

Nate @ House of Annie

What an experience!

I remember getting raisins produced by our favorite fruit vendor in Saratoga, from a farm near Fresno. They were so plump and soft, nothing like those pathetic "Sun-Maid" ones.


I guess I've been spoiled...my mother has two different apricot trees, and numberous hazelnut-filbert trees. Not to mention several different apple varieties. I always look forward to the load of apricots, plums for jam and leathers, and apples for a pantry full of applesauce. I've always called her the "tree witch" - she plants them all from a seed, or pit....its truly amazing her gift. I've been mourning the lost cherry trees, they were fabulous


Thanks Snippets. We brought back a kilo of apricots from Turkey's apricot capital, Malatya. So far from what I grew up with, deliciously butterscotchy, plump and soft.

Cindy, most of the raisins we had this trip were large, I didn't see any tiny ones. Will keep an eye next trip. I'm sure most any dried fruit one encounters in Turkey is not going to be shabby!

KNizam - I would LOVE to visit Pakistan. Bit difficult these days, unfortunately.

Nate, Californians are lucky to have access to some great dried fruit. So incredibly expensive though. It's sticker shock the other way in Turkey -- the best most amazing (and most expensive) apricots at TL 13/kilo which is less than U$4 per pound.

kathy - you are incredibly lucky and I am very envious! Enough said. Thanks for reading.

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