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Snippets of Thyme

Love how the cooking pots are served right onto the table on a plate. It all sounds so delish...familiar and foreign all at the same time.


We ate at Kale Cafe, it was great, the terrible traffic jam was all worth suffering every second of it. I would never go there at the weekend anylonger.


I've admired plenty of great photos on this blog, but few more than the fisherman holding out the fish. Great shot!

Not sure why the near-total antipathy to brunch though.


What a wonderful brunch - enough food for the whole day so maybe it would be bruninner?


Snippets -- exactly! But much Turkish food is like that, esp when you get out east. Familiar ingredients and flavors, different preparations.

Hey Shima -- we returned to Kale during the week and it just wasn't up to snuff. There were only a few pple there ... I think the kitchen wasn't geared up. I'd go back on a weekend, but earlier in the morning. Traffic's OK till about 1030am.

Thanks doc ... prob has sth to do with living in Asia where brunch = buffet. I hate buffets.

Ha, Maureen -- yes, good one. And it *was* enough food for the whole day.... but that didn't stop Evren from leading us to more in just a few hours!

Yomadic Nate

Wow that Menemen looks delicious! I got used to the "Turkish Breakfast" very fast in Istanbul... Seems so healthy!

marts aziz

Runny eggs, I love them a lot. The photos are beautiful too, I like the last one - with cats.

Olga@Delicious Istanbul

Fantastically delicious photos and very convincing narrative. So you guys say that the only way to get hold of you in Istanbul is to take you out for a worthwhile meal?! Just tell me when next time around


Oh So glad to have found your blog and your beautiful posts about the love of my life, Istanbul...


hi robyn,
ur blog is just fantastic, have been reading it for a couple of years now.
Do you have a blogroll on this site- I would love to know a few of the blogs that you follow? Thank you


Nate -- I know. Delicious *and* healthy. Can't beat that.

Marts -- to order sunny side up eggs in Turkey you say kayisili -- like apricots. I love that. And they really know how to do eggs too.

Olga -- we will. It's not the only way to get ahold of us in Istanbul but it is certainly the way to our hearts. ;)

Hi Sasha -- I'm sorry we don't. Some blogs I enjoy when I have time are (googleable): Eat and Dust (India), Sticky Rice (Hanoi), Food Jihad (Egypt but they haven't been posting lately), Food Bridge (Israel and elsewhere), Spoon and Spice (I think that's the name). I sort of place a premium on storytelling/writing over straight recipe blogs, great photos are a bonus.

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