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hi! lovely post as always. I had a question not related to this post if thats alright:-)im taking a trip to bangkok for my birthday and i wanted to do something a bit different frm the usual shopping-sightseeing route.Do you know where i could do some kind of fishing- either with a group or specialised tour or even individually?I am not sure where to begin. thank you!


Hi Craig - I'm sorry to say that you have completely stumped me. I wouldn't know where to begin either. If you're staying at a swish hotel I'd say check with the concierge. If not, put your best google skills to work ... or maybe look for a company that does off-the-beaten-track tours and see if they can arrange sth special? Also, not sure how far you'd have to go from BKK to fish.


Thank you Robyn ;I think u are right ! I guess google would be my best bet :-)


Thanks for this, it has inspired me to take another road trip later this summer. Hopefully my Turkish will be slightly more conversational by then...


The tea house looks like spend the rest of your life in there. Very simple and traditional life. I have the bad feeling that if turkey join the European Union a lot of the turkey heritage going to disappear.

Turkey's For Life

Loved this post. Great that you were invited in. Tea houses are a no go for the females here really but then there aren't the historic ones like the ones you've seen. Most of the bright young things of Fethiye - including us ;) - take their çay at the tea gardens by the harbour.

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