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Great post there. Just came back from KB last week, and yeah. Despite the initial reservations of assuming this state to be the most conservative among all, the people there are really warm, and the chemistry between the races is astounding. Almost akin to what you can expect in East Msia.


Thanks and yes, you are so right abt the races. We really enjoyed being out and about in KB and surrounds.


I wish I'd known how conservative it was before I stopped off last year on the way back to Penang; I wouldn't have lolloped around in denim cut-offs (eventually realising and hastily changing into trousers!)

Fantastic post; I wonder how they came about that technique? The chicken looks amazing.

Nate @ House of Annie

Wow, what a find! We are hoping to get to KB sometime this year. Will have to hit you up for a local contact to show us around.


We had a great time in KB. Very under rated state. It's great when a time or place or even a meal stays in your mind.
Even though in another state Kuantan evokes the same feelings with me.


Hats, or, better yet, shirts off to Dave for these great photos! True usta at work. Thanks for sharing.


This is so awesome, makes me want to hop on a train to KB next time I am in Singapore just to eat this chicken. People write books about how to roast whole birds perfectly, it seems that these gentlemen have achieved the goal.


hi robyn! great new post as usual:-) i am making my way to thailand ( chiang mai, phuket nad bangkok) next week- any suggestions on where to get fresh coconut icecream?
thank you for all your food ideas and inspiration

cooking grill

wow! yummy! and i am amaze of their diff. kinds of grilling.


The pics are simply brilliant.

Last Minute

Thrilling pictures, I am really glad I found your blog, the chicken looks really delicious!

Account Deleted

Great tip off - I'll try and find this restaurant when I visit KB. Not made it that far yet from KL, but plenty of time - I'm here for two years! :)


Your photos are really rustic, going off on a wild tangent here, but the old man kinda looks like the witch doctor from Diablo 3 :P

Thyme (Sarah)

Really enjoyed seeing how chicken is cooked in different parts of the world. The photos really make one think about early man and how food came about in the first place. Thank you for going to the back of the restaurant and giving us this peek.

mareno tene

Loving this post!! especially the photos. I am a photography and food enthusiast myself and I find myself transported to Kampung Kulim as I was reading this post. The combination of Robin's detailed description and David's incredible photos does the trick! I could almost smell the scent of open fire grill and smoke infused by chicken fat...then again, I am fasting and I have 4 hours to go to Iftaar..


I love healthy and skinny everyone looks there. They have not yet been introduced to the western way of eating. I hope they keep their traditional meals as they will enable them to have better health.

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