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Thyme (Sarah)

Wonderful read. I wish I knew each and every one of those locations that you wrote. I have my travel books and we are trying to decide...2 of us or bring the kids too. Fall or Spring? Can't wait to read and hear more. You mentioned "winter clothing packing". Is it cold there or just warmer than Indonesia?


Hi Sarah -- Istanbul is a very romantic city (IMO) but also very kid-friendly, as is traveling outside the city. Turks love kids ... your little ones would be welcome most anywhere. Fall or spring -- spring is probably a bit dicier, we heard this one was very rainy. But I suppose fall could be too.
We packed warm clothing bec. we are headed to Kars province, in the far northeast. Our time there includes a 7-day village-to-village hiking trip and we were told to prepare for "temperatures that can range from 30F to 80F". Otherwise - it's warm in Istanbul right now, light pants/short-sleeve t-shirt weather. Lovely.


I'm told that a six pack of Efes will get the recipe for that sauce.


Is that 6-pack for you or for him? ;-)

naomi duguid

that is just way too evocative - a very successful way of making us all green with envy!!!
You're going hiking? with guide? or? how fabulous.


Keep hearing mixed reports on Istanbul, interesting read that!

Turkey's For Life

Awww, lovely. Just walked and sailed through that whole day with you. Enjoy.

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