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Thyme (Sarah)

I am so curious (nosy). You'll have to find what is up with this bbq arrangement. I sure hope the women are having girl's nights out galore. Are you guys there for job or vacation. The hiking from town to town sounds awesome. I have my guide books and am planning...just have to find the $$


Hi Sarah - I'm curious too! Kars is not the most conservative part of Turkey by far (women are everywhere, and seem pretty independent) so this was a bit surprising.
This trip is mostly work with a little play.
Thanks for commenting!

Turkey's For Life

Wow. Can't wait to read about your multi-day hiking trip. Bet the scenery and the food is going to be amazing.

Maybe barbecue time in Kars is just the boys' day out. We've never been but we know a food blogger from Kars and she's never given the impression that it's conservative to the point that ladies don't get to play out. Interesting. Maybe you'll find out...



Excited to follow your multi-day hike! At some point, do you think you could post a map of your route, and the places you stayed / ate at? (If, say, someone like me wanted a suggestion for a hike of the same nature)


Look how well dressed they are to go BBQing! That's almost as curious for me as the absense of women. Have a fantastic time hiking and sampling the local food.

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