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Fellow Addicts

My husband only drinks cold coffee, even in the dead of winter, and this, of course is not available in many places around the world. So, like you, we have taken to packing enough *t***u**'s packets to last a trip and a travel "mug". They can be mixed in the mug the night before (usually with bottled water), and put in the hotel room mini-frig, or where it is safe to drink the water, mixed at breakfast and ice added. The wait staff often looks confused when my husband asks for a glass of ice at breakfast, but once they figure out the routine, they always give a knowing, if quizzical, smile. Then probably roll their eyes as they head back into the kitchen.


Robyn Robyn Robyn....sometimes you've got to keep a little bit of yourself to yourself. All these proud admissions...diet c*l*....*t***u**'s coffee...

Don't know if we can be friends anymore ;-))

Glenn Thompson

Superb combo... IN the first photo there is a milk glass & in the last photo there is a tea i think...


I did not know *t***u**'s do instant coffee, now that you mentioned, there was an article in the Telegraph about it back in 2010 and the cheapest way of buying *t***u**'s Via was by purchasing a box of 12 sachets, which cost £4.45 – but that’s in the extorting London.
The best ever milk I have had in my memory was in Hokkaido –rich, creamy, fresh and pure. Their milk candy or soft sweets were exquisite – that’s one sweet I wouldn’t call it junk – 100% milk. I remember in the evening (went in Fall), a variety of hot milk drinks – with chocolate of course, for ‘grow ups’ whisky, scotch and local honey.

Kars the dustiest – has Armenia blast contributed to this? Is it that bad?

thyme (sarah)

I think you have described what would be the story of my life. Hard as I try to establish myself as a bonafide tea drinker...coffee is my morning choice...especially coffee with steaming hot half and half!! I remember living in Japan and those Nescafe "gift" packages were everywhere. Can't even pinch my nose to get that stuff down. Blah!! Oh, and BTW...perusing apartment rentals for a week in Istanbul. Do you have a little boutique hotel or anything in Istanbul that you recommend??


great post robyn but what about delicious turkish coffee? wouldn't that trump *t***u**'s?

very jealous that you're back in turkey!


Oh I get it. STARBUCKS ! :-)

Turkey's For Life

Ha ha, this post made me laugh. Can just imagine you sat there with your foil packets. It's got to be done!! :)


Oh Sarah, half and half is one of the things I miss most about the USofA. Don't even need it hot. It's always a treat when we go back.

Katherine -- no longer there but we will be back. I do like Turkish coffee though it doesn't seem to do it for me at breakfast. I'd need about 10 of them I think. Also, not all Turkish coffees are created equal. I don't think they do it quite as well out east (or it's old, not-good coffee that they use).

Jay, yes -- it's a conceit!

Well, it certainly has got to be done if I'm going to enjoy my day in a waking state. You're probably ahead of the game ... being a native tea drinker, yes?


You aren't the only person taking a certainly company's coffee packets to Turkey -- I did the same last year. Nescafe is horrid. While I love Turkish cay throughout the day, I, too, need the punch of coffee in the morning.

I've enjoyed reading about your eating throughout Turkey.

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