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That gorgeous photo is nothing but a cruel taunt.

Simon @ SoyRiceFire.com

This photo reminds me of all the charming little taquerias I visited during my last trip to Mexico City.


Wow great memories, Robyn. My wife and I recently returned from a whirlwind food trip to DF. Bitter sweet however because I got a touch of food poisoning while eating what I still think was the best meal of the trip a Fonda Margarita. It stung because we had a reservation at Biko for the night and I had to sit and watch as my wife enjoyed a 7-course masterpiece in contemporary Mexican cuisine. Nothing but great things to say about the food in Mexico City, though. Ah ... tacos el pastor at midnight after the cantina! How I lust after them now!


I agree, Millicent.

Simon, Dave can't stop talking about MC's taquerias.

Thanks for sharing that bittersweet memory, Elliot. Your willingness to sit through that meal speaks more of your love for your wife than a 10-karat diamond ever could. ;-) Seriously, I'm kicking myself for not figuring out a way to accompany Dave on this assignment. He absolutely loved MC and we're determined to hop down south the next time we're visiting family in the States.

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