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Loved that BBQ scene there and liking the idea of fixing myself some of that pickle for next home BBQ. And completely agree on your accom - we stayed there 5 nights in '10 - just the ticket after a hard day's templing!


Very much like a Viet daikon-carrot quick pickle, Mark -- perhaps a bit sweeter but with a healthy dose of sour. Give it a try. (And the GB is great. Wouldn't stay anywhere else on the next trip.)


these beef skewers look really appetising...didn't know much about Cambodian food and this is very interesting...it's Ramzan or Ramadan and there are many kebab stalls all over Mumbai...seeing this post I realised that I need to plan a trip to these soon

PF Changs

That looks delicious!!!


I would love to try the liver.

olivia kim

wow, great post with excellent pictures. they look delicious despite its simplicity. keep up the good work. ^^


Fantastic pictures! The meat looks really delicious! Great post. Thanks a lot.


Do you know if they are there every night? Tonight I wandered the dirt alley behind the "art night market" around the golden banana resort sign hopelessly sniffing for bbq beef at 6 pm and couldn't find it.

Or a location for Khmer pub street would be deliciously appreciated as well.


It is open everynight, and we noticed it's usually closed by 8. See the directions at the end of the post for a link to a google map that I just added. There are two places across from each other -- the consistently more crowded (and, so I'm assuming, better) BBQ skewer place, the one featured here, is across the street from the entrance to the alley that leads to the Golden Banana. Good luck!

The Grubworm

Wow, is there anything better than bbq food fresh from the grill of someone who knows what they're doing? I love the way so much SE, and East, Asian bbq is cut thin and then stitched onto a skewer. Like you say, it gives the finished meat a range of tastes and textures. And it also helps it hold any sauces you might want to add.

non geographic numbers

This food is commonly seen on the street specially on the crowded areas. The smell of this is so inviting. Although this looks are not just good, but the taste is so yummy. I can say that this is a good business because this don't need a large capital.


Some things change pretty slowly in Siem Reap. Did you happen to spot this caved scene at The Bayon showing skewered meat being BBQed? Looks just like your photos above!


Thanks for the Google Maps update, I went back the next day and they were there in the same empty shops I scoured the day before at 6 pm! Maybe everyone decided that Wednesday was an off day. Oddly the next day was pretty empty all night.

I can report the liver is delicious and they'll do a mixed meat/liver five skewers for a bit more than five meat ones cost.

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