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The best street food I ever ate in Asia was Mie Goreng in Indonesia. Do you know the original recipie for the delicious meal?

dena ross

great to hear you have a column!! this blog makes me so happy - a wonderful escape from the realities of the election, hurricane sandy, my paperwork... keep up the tasty work!! i can FEEL asia in your stories...


It is strange, is it not? One would think that moving the street food stalls into malls or under office sky-scrapers, the taste and aroma of the foods would not change. But they simply do. Would be interesting to know why, I think, because we lose so much of our identity when we don't. Won't you say so?

When you said you still gravitate towards the street, I can literally smell the banana-leaf-wrapped nasi lemak, steaming hot in Damansara, at 1 in the morning. Or the kambing soup, the apong, the bubur cha-cha, the shredded-turnip dumplings. I know exactly what you mean! Ahem, before I get too hungry, being a Malaysian and living in Sweden, thank you for sharing your adventures, Robyn, because I get to feel at home reading them, even about places and people I have never known. I look forward to more discoveries, wherever you write.

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