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thyme (sarah)

So glad to read about you returning to Istanbul. We didn't know what the 'status' is like with the eastern side dealing with the Syrian conflict at times. I'll look forward to reading what you think...

Teri Y.

My husband and I are heading to Istanbul this week too! Thanksgiving for us this year will be spent there. Very much looking forward to our trip and your blog has been of such great help in the planning.


Thanks Sarah, it's good to be back! We had planned to be in the far south of the southeast, but pushed that back to spring to be on the safe side. Instead we'll be way north, on the Black Sea and a bit interior -- so no worries. Hope you guys get out here at some point!

Teri - yay, here's to turkey day in Turkey! Do give Datli Maya a try... they are open for lunch but all of the dishes cooked slow in the wood-fired oven aren't finished till dinner. (Lahmacun and pide for lunch.) The dining area is *very* small, so we try to go early .... 630pm in this instance. Ask about ALL the daily specials when you walk in and order every one! Also various cookies, if any are laid out for purchase.

Olga@Delicious Istanbul

Welcome back, Robyn! I used to like the place a lot until I had breakfast there which looked to me like a prank and not a very good one. Your appetizing report makes me itch to come back and see how things are going now at Datli Maya.


Hi from Shira (you guided me, and my now-fiance Graeme, in Penang in 2011). I happened to turn on the TV last night to watch an Ottolenghi programme on Istanbul, and Datli Maya was the 1st stop. Turns out Tuba was the fixer, so also a visit to Ciya and to the Asian-side market near the old train station and football stadium. All very happy eating memories. Have a lahmacun and one of those tahini cookies for me.


Great post! We ate at Datli Maya 3 times during our trip to Istanbul and loved it; always something new to discover.


Hi Shira (of course I remember you, you and Graeme both are the most ferocious eaters I have ever walked around Penang! you'll go down in history....). I heard that Datli Maya made the show, would love to see it.

Exactly Maxine, when the menu changes daily it's hard to stay away -- you never know what's come out of the wood oven.

Hi Olga -- yes strangely some have had not nice experiences there. I can't explain it and a bad experience is never excusable ... but we've had nothing but good ones and have probably eaten there 10 or 12 times by now. I think that it is always important to complain directly to management when things aren't up to snuff. Even if you never intend to go back.

Ahmet Cihat Toker

"Mung beans? Chickpeas? Is this really Turkish food?"

These are not Turkish food with a twist, rather real Turkish food! Chickpeas are a staple of middle Anatolia and mung beans are used in Aegean part.

Vik@Sydney tours

That's looking yummy. Apart from traveling to see new places, one of the reasons i love traveling is that you get to try new foods. Thanks for sharing


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