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Ross Gillespie

Hi Guys

What a great and kind gift! If successful I'd go for Travel+Leisure.

All the best,



You've got it Ross! 1 down, 9 to go. T+L USA?


As much as I love food magazines, I already have way too many! Harper's Bazaar UK would be my pick (time to update the wardrobe! Love your writing and thanks for the opportunity to win a subscription.

Lee Y W

Forbes! Please keep my full name hidden, thanks

Scott MacDonald

Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Holidays to you guys!



7 subscriptions left.

Thanks Mei -- could you please email me your full name (given name, surname)? robyn.eckhardt@gmail.com Thanks

Axel Felsenstein


I'll go for Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia.

Best wishes



5 left!

Jennifer Chandler

Ok, I'd like Travel and Leisure Southeast Asia, since you are on the masthead, never mind my budget.

(When do you come to Bhutan??)

And, thank you.


Hi Jennifer, we try to do the less-pricey types of stories for T+LSEA. At least our food stories are rarely high falutin'.
Gosh we'd love to revisit Bhutan (were there in 1998). But, um, speaking of pricey ....
(There's a Bhutan story in this month's T+LSEA.)

Lilian Lau

AFAR please! Thanks!


Travel Africa, please. :-)

Cameron Solley

Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia - because that's where I want to explore!

Cheers - and I love your blogs.

Tze Leong Chan

Travel & Leisure SE Asia!

Thanks, love your blog :)

Scott MacDonald

Changed my mind....

Saveur if I made the first ten.

Thanks you guys!

Jennifer Chandler

I appreciate that You do the less pricey food stories! I usually drool over them, and can actually imagine doing something similar. Stories about the latest $1000 a night place--less interesting.

Dave could lead a tourism photo seminar for the tourism board, then they get you the visa without the added fee . . . Or you do a joint seminar . . .


Jennifer, we would LOVE to do that. And that is a fantastic idea! Dave actually has a couple of photography workshops outside of Malaysia in the works.

Arnulf K.

I'd go with Travel & Leisure SE Asia.

Thanks a bunch and merry christmas!


PS: Please ask for full name via mail in case I've still made it, thanks!

Claire White

Am I too late? Hope not!
SBS Feast please!

David Holker

Wow! This is such a neat offer.
I would choose Robb Report if I am fortunate to make the cut.
Love the blog.

Gary Levitan

ESPN the magazine for sure. Pure awesomeness for Gaty


Are there 10 already? If not, I would want Clean Eating. Thanks, Gail.


Arnulf, Claire, David, Gary, Gail -- Sorry, you are too late. Thanks for checking in though. And Happy Holidays!


Damn... I.ve missed out!! like to hear of any future giveaways.

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