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elizabethranger (bubbleteafordinner.com)


oh man, that looks like Turkish Bo bit tet...


"...white-capped gunmetal" - love your writing in this one, Robyn. Sounds like a pretty special experience and puts me in mind of our time in Portugal - but we were eating seafood at a similar kind of BBQ joint, as similar as Turkey and Portugal could be, that is - probably really only in the feeling your writing evokes.

Have been looking forward to reading more of your travels in Turkey.


Elizabeth - it was tastier than it looks! If that's possible. :)

Thanks Mark, means a lot coming from you. They had fish too, in fact the guy next to us was grilling a gorgeous couple of bonito fillets ... but we were in meat mode!

thyme (sarah)

How wonderful to snuggle in right in front of the grill as it is emanating such wonderful smoky aromas! Sounds fantastic.

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