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Nate @ House of Annie

Not a big fan of pan mee, especially dry. We have a favorite soupy pan mee here in Kuching, at Expert Food Court in RH Plaza. He boils pork, chicken, and fish bones for four hours, making for an especially sweet and satisfying bowl.


Interesting, Nate. Is it because the noodles are wide? Every foreigner I've introduced to the dish loves it.
(I'm not really fond of soupy noodles. Unless the weather is chilly.)


Great post, ban meen is indeed an under feted dish. Curious what you guys think of Kin Kin Chilli Ban Meen?


Thanks Yirong. We love chilies, especially that Sichuan style of oily chili paste, so of course we love Kin Kin. But we haven't eaten there in years. Is it still in the same location in Chow Kit ... and is it still good?

Matilda Gregory

And, that looks so delicious.. Pan mee is one of my favorite food ever. When i'll be back in Malaysia that would be the first thing to find. :)


Dear Robyn,

I have never quite warmed up to pan meen although I think it is quite tasty, whether "dry" or soupy version. I find many women in my family like it but not the guys. This could be Malaysia's answer to an Italian linguine / fettuccine bolognaise.

I agree that I don't quite enjoy KL like it used to after hearing all the dreadful crime happening and we are taking extra precautions when we visit family next month.

Jenny@Connecticut Limos

That looks so yummy! Great pic. Pan meen dry is the best way to eat it, for sure. I haven't eaten in in Kuala but at a restaurant in NYC, and it was fabulous. I have to get to Kuala to really taste it "in person."


HI Robyn,

Can't believe I live a stone's throw away from this place and never tried it. I changed that status this morning and gave it a go. It did not disappoint! Thanks for writing about it (missed it the first round) this year.

Sure saves me the journey to drive over to Sunwaymas where another auntie serves up a great bowl.

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Oh my goodness! That looks fabulous! I need to try. Thanks for the idea.

Jeane M.

This will be my very first dish if I happen to step into Malaysia. :D Love to try the dry and soup version, and now craving to have some of this.

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