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Azian Shahriman

I can smell the aroma and taste the pungent sambals, as I read this most delicious of Articles. Another favourite Padang restaurant in a hotel, is the one in Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore.


You put me to shame, Robyn and Dave!
To think I am Malaysian-born, and possess less than 1/1000th of your knowledge of George Town and Penang!
I am most definitely trying the nasi padang at International Hotel when I am next back in Malaysia
And no fear, I will be (extremely) shameless in making as many trips as necessary to the display cabinet, so I do the spread justice!


I've been to this place 2x (the first on your recommendation). I consider my meals here to be among the finest of my life. It is awesomely delicious. Also, a 5 minute walk from the Tune Hotel. Good memories! (food, not the hotel.)

Tracy Z

love everything you highlighted here, looks delicious!

Bee, Rasa Malaysia

Robyn, you're making me homesick, and hungry at 10:15 pm my time. The last trip I was home, I went there too late and everything was gone. :(

By the way, have you ever tried Hutton Lane Kuey Teow Th'ng, not too far and walking distance from this? OMG good. The later you go, the better the broth. Just amazing.

Oh another worthy place for nasi campur (Malay style) is behind the MBF building by Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah.


Looks fantastic. I need to plan a trip to Penang! Thanks for sharing ;-)


Bee, I have been to Hutton Lane but didn't know about the broth -- thanks for the tip!

Karin - you definitely do need to come to Penang!

Andy Siti

I've been here so many times! But the prices are getting more expensive day by day! Maybe once a month, not for everyday! But to be honest, it's delicious! Anyway, the nyonya that sells the drinks is fierce and not friendly at all! So beware of her! Pay your drinks straight away upon receiving it before you get fierce stares by her! Hahaha!


Wonderful post, Robyn! I'm hoping to be in Georgetown in November and will put this place on my list. If you're around in November, I'd love to meet you for espresso or Nasi Padang!


As a new resident of Penang I loved your article and will definitely be visiting the International Hotel soon, it sounds delicious! Saying that, tastes of home are good sometimes too so I'd love to know where to get good western-style bread and patisserie!


Hi Tania, welcome to Penang! Rain Forest on Chulia near Carnavon has some good breads. La Boheme on Sri Bahari has amazingly fantastic French-style breakfast type pastries (croissant, cream buns, etc) and I heard they are now baking baguettes. And Ete Café on Carnavon just west of Campbell Street market has more fancy French pastries (delicious) and quiche, by the Cordon Bleu-trained Taiwanese owner and his similarly trained wife. China House on Beach betw Armenian and Lebuh Ah Quee has fantastic desserts and ice cream. Daily Dose on Carnavon betw Campbell and Chulia has great "western" fare on the blackboard menu and Yeng Keng café (next to the hotel) makes a mean chicken pot pie (order ahead). All of this is in George Town.


Wow, thanks so much, I really appreciate all the advice and look forward to sampling the delicious sounding food you've described!

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