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thyme (sarah)

Weddings in foreign countries! Fabulous way to soak up the culture.


I've never been good at coming up to a stranger suddenly striking up a conversation, lest they think I'm a nosy busybody. I guess I don't have any journalistic sensibility. I'm curious to learn your tricks in approaching someone out of the blue and getting them to talk to you. Tips?


Sarah -- yes, exactly!

CCC -- thanks for reading. Well, every country is different but I've found that in most, pple making/growing/selling food are often happy to talk about what they're cooking/growing/selling. (That doesn't mean that they will always give you a recipe.)

In this instance, we got out of the car and I said something like Hello, we saw your big pots and wonder what you're making. Is it for a big event?
And so on.
Quite often I'll say hello, explain that I'm a food writer and follow with "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your XYZ."
It's a bit like photographing pple. If someone doesn't want to be interviewed I don't push it, just as Dave doesn't push it if sb doesn't want to be photographed. Neither the interview nor the photo will be good if the subject isn't into it. Best to move on to someone else.


Love how you combine pictures of the country and people with its food. At its core Turkey seems to be a really traditional country to me. And that is resembled in its dishes
More of this please !


Thank you Luca! Stay tuned, we have much more Turkey content coming up, as well as articles in a few other publications.
Thanks for reading!

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