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Gillian @GlobalBookshelf

Oh, I hope you'll be posting pictures either here or on Ah Tong. I can't wait to see how it all turned out!

leaf (the indolent cook)

Oh wow, that ice cream looks insanely good. I've been a fan of gula melaka since, well, probably since I was born, given that I'm Malaysian. Might have to try replicating this at home...


sounds too delicious to miss - on my list for september eats! can't wait for my holidays!


Well done Robyn and Dave on finally moving into Ah Tong Tailor's former haunt!
Sounds like it is ideally placed for your food jaunts :)


Congratulations! A new chapter begins...


We will be posting pics somewhere Gillian. The house isn't entirely together yet, probably not for another couple months. Thanks for your patience!

leaf, be sure to include the gula chunks if you do. Insanely delicious.

Thanks for reading Lil!

Thanks Michelle. It is indeed ideally located, for food and other jaunts. :)

Thank you Ling! A new chapter indeed....

sharon Miro

Happy that you and your house have finally been reunited.


Thank you Sharon!


Well done! So jealous - cant wait to see the pics


Oh gosh, now I have to get to the ice cream too! I share your obsession with gula melaka, and specifically with gula melaka ice cream. I tried a version in KL that was good but not great and am still searching for the holy grail.

Les B.

Congratulations on moving, and the pork at Tek Sen is fantastic, is our welcome back to penang meal, we force ourselves to eat something new each time we go, and not been disappointed yet.

Would it be rude to ask you for Contractor Ts information (and contractor C - so we can avoid). We are also considering refurbishing a place but at tanjung bungah. Thanks in advance.


Thanks Pam!
Preeta, you definitely do have to try it! The chunks of gula take the ice cream over the top.
Hi Les, thank you. And yes Tek Sen is a favourite. Contractor T does not do email or phone intros. (In fact he doesn't do email at all.) He's old-fashioned that way. Contractor C's name was Chen, I believe (I've tried to block the experience from my mind!) Study the photo of him so you can avoid! Thanks for reading.


Congratulations on moving house! Your story is really inspiring. We, too, harbor hopes of settling in Penang one day after more than 10 years overseas. Good luck and keep up the blog! I love the stories and photos!

dena ross

congratulations! i do hope we can make it to malaysia, and georgetown one day and get to see it!

enjoy, and we look forward to photos when you are ready!

Paul Perton

Hi Robyn. All the best to you and Dave in your new home.

Seriously Jealous,
Cape Town


Thanks Dena! Look forward to meeting you here at some point.

Paul -- ha ha. You're not suffering in Cape Town, I bet. ;-) Thanks for the good wishes.


Hi Robyn.

I have been a (silent) fan of your blog/food & travel writing and David's photos for quite a while now. But I am breaking my silence, excited as I am at this mention of China House's gula Melaka ice cream! I discovered their gula Melaka milkshake a year ago (in fact, they even obliged to an indulgent request for the second glass to be bolstered by a shot of cachaça... superfluous but fun!), and have since been raving about it to anyone who would listen.

Unfortunately, the flavours of Penang will remain a haunting memory for now: I am currently pursuing a pastry diploma in Paris... though, regrettably, croissants can't compare to good ol' curry mee for a true breakfast! Until a much-needed return home next year, your blog will be sustaining me through this wicked weather...

Keep up the AMAAAAYYYYYZING job!

Homesick Penang Boy


Hello Tao, thanks for reading and for the kind words! I'll have to remember that cachaca tip next time I am at China House. :)
Best of luck in your pastry studies. Freshly baked croissants are not such an awful substitute for curry mee, though I too miss Penang food when we're away, so I feel a little of your pain.

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