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That roast lamb looks delicious! And you're right about that soup. I've had it before and the best way to describe it is "comfort food". Too bad there wasn't a recipe attached lol.


EatingAsia is always a delight to read but this breakfast lamb is a standout. Must go to Turkey.


I wanna go to turkey just to have a lamp breakfast!


Robyn and David, this is such a great way to explore and really experience the local culture…

I think that it is really important some times to go off of the safe and predictable and really experience something.

It is wonderful to see things with a tour guide and be told about a certain culture, it is so much better to get in there and experience it.

On one of my travels I decided to not take the scheduled tour and instead to venture out on my own. Let’s just say that my adventures included a wrong turn, being chased by an iguana, and some of the best memories I have.

The food that I experience in this little café that I found along the way is some of the best I have ever eaten as well!

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