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Wow, Penang Nyonya achar fish - one of my fave dishes!


It is not easy reading this in the morning here on empty stomach ...


Oh dear God. Nasi ulam. Such a rarity. I can smell and taste it just by looking at the photograph and reading about what goes into it...

Rosemary Chin

I enjoyed your blog. Love Nasi Ulam and Penang Achar. Yes, apparently fine hand cutting herbs versus machine shredding makes a difference in fine Nyonya Cuisine. Hope to be able o track down Madam Khaw the next time I visit Penang :-)

Aleney @ BoyEatsWorld

Wonderful post. I could smell the food as I read it and am now craving Nonya cuisine. I'll make it my mission to track down the fabulous Madam Khaw when I visit Penang. :-)


Aleney, Rosemary, please do! Her food is well worth the effort to find her!

Ling -- yes. I could eat nasi ulam for bkfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between. Absolutely love it!

Albert -- :)

Pete, new to me as of a few years ago, I now cannot get enough of the dish.


I am not sure if I bought the "perut ikan" from this same lady when I was @ the P Tikus Mkt a couple of years ago. I was disappointed with it (lack of perut, and a watery gravy) but the acar was good. Will have to check it out again when I next visit Pg in the fall.


Nyonya dishes are so good. I am in love the first time I tasted it in Singapore.

Pocztowka Z

It looks really... interesting. We're curious how it would taste..

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Wiktoria and Piotr

Linda, Flavor Explosions

OMG, my late grandma used to make that fish acar. She would sun dry the garlic chips. She added sun dried salted and blanched whole limes, too. My mouth is watering. I need to try to make this one day for nostalgia sake.


Is Madame Khaw still around? Thinking of making this my last breakfast in Penang...

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