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John Mortimer

How much water is 2 water boiler's worth?


Good question John! Not everyone has a water boiler. About 3-3.5 liters or 3-3.5 quarts.


How much powdered tumeric is "4-6"?


I will definitely try this tea! Good to have in the cold season (which I am still getting used to) I use this Sri Lankan ayuvedric tea ,"Samahan Tea", to pre-empt colds, cough and flu that is also a miracle worker, but I am about to run out of it and can't find any here in my corner of the US :(

Deb Olson

excellent! I always recommend turmeric & eating some green chili when feeling like a bug is trying to attack you. I'll add the magic tea as extra ammunition now.


Thanks! This will come in handy as the seasons change.

The ingredients make it sound like it's a "heaty" drink. Do you find that your body warms up after drinking it?


Sounds wonderful! If I only can find ground tumeric, how much should I use?


This sounds delicious. I may try to make a concentrated version, to be heated with water straight from the boiler as needed. (It's cold here.)

My New England-ish, Fire Cider-ish version is to mix a paste of powdered turmeric, cayenne, and honey with a splash of raw apple cider vinegar. Pour hot water over to fill the vessel of your choice, dissolving the honey-turmeric mixture. Top with a thick slice of lemon. Sip delightedly.

This is also good with crushed fennel seed in the honey-turmeric mix. Works well for the sniffles.


Well, if you leave the green tea out, it's the base of every Thai curry.
Eat Thai curry and drink green tea. Miracle :D


Greg -- "eat Thai curry everyday" is good advice no matter what. :)

Frances -- that sounds *delicious*! (no raw apple cider vinegar here, unfortunately). It also sounds cocktail hour-friendly, perhaps with a splash of brown liquor. :)

Gen -- sorry, I should have included that. Generally speaking 1 inch fresh turmeric = 1/2 tsp powdered dry turmeric. Just make sure your dry turmeric is fresh, ie it should still have some aroma.

Houseofannie -- is turmeric heaty? I know ginger is. We drink it iced, usually sitting in our air-conditioned office, so I couldn't say for sure.

Deb Olson -- I think the black pepper is standing in for the chili action but yeah, I always feel like my body needs chilies when I feel something coming on.

Didi - I will google samahan tea. Good luck dealing with cold / flu season!

Sorry for leaving that out, Pam. 4-6 inches turmeric should be 2-3 tsp powdered turmeric. Generally 1 inch fresh= 1/2 tsp powdered.

Frank woods

Can I use ground turmeric? And if so how much?


Frank, I added the conversion forumula to the recipe head note. Hope you enjoy!


Hi, I'll try this for sure. Thanks for sharing!
By the way, do you add the peppercorns whole or crushed?


John, we add the peppercorns whole but you could certainly crush for more peppery bite.


Didi - FYI Amazon.com carries the tea you are looking for and it says they order it fresh from Sri Lanka.

Lisa Attias

What is the difference in quality between boiling the ingredients in water and leaving them to steep in cold for at least 4 hours as suggested above?


Lisa, I have never done the latter but I have a hunch that you wouldn't get as much flavor/nutrients out of the aromatics by just steeping in cold water.


Hi Robyn,

I really can't thank you enough for posting this infusion. I have now warded off two colds successfully with it, and am drinking it throughout the day to ward off a third. I too enjoy it cold for during the day (it is summer here in Sydney) and hot at night before bed. I now keep lemongrass, ginger and turmeric permanently in the freezer for when a cold starts its familiar tickle in the back of my throat.

Best regards,
Tanya Zouev


This was a very interesting post! I love all kinds of tea, green, black, grey, etc. I have tried ginger tea in the past and it works wonders. It seems to help with everything from cold to stomach aches. I have never tried turmeric in a tea, however I am intrigued and will try that. I have taken turmeric supplements with fatty meals because I read somewhere that it helps burn fat.


I have been making lemongrass and ginger komnbucha tea (using green tea as a base) with great success! I will now add tumeric to it - got hooked on the fresh stuff when I was living in Vietnam. The peppercorns are a bit too heating for me, so I'll be leaving them out. A good read!

Jules Jackson

If anyone is still responding to these comments - how long does this tea keep?


Hi Jules, the tea keeps 5-7 days in the fridge. If you're keen on other turmeric preparations here's recipes for turmeric candy and turmeric syrup.
Thanks for reading,


Nathalie (@spacedlaw)

Thank you for this, Robyn.
Have found dried turmeric during a trip to Copenhagen (haven't managed to find fresh in Rome) so making it this moment.
I had some fresh rosemary so have added this instead of the lemongrass. It should work well too.


You're welcome Nathalie! I hope it works for you. Daily, as a preventative. :-)


This tea is magical. I leave out the lemongrass because I'm not the biggest fan of the flavor, but the rest of it is great and it is seriously powerful stuff.

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