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Congratulations and happy new year. Can't wait for the book, I already know it will be awesome!


I can't wait to read it! It's been so much fun so far to watch you and Dave experience Turkey.


I love this. So inspiring. Looking forward to your book. Happy new year!

Jin Teong ONG

Good advice about giving in to your obsession.
Very happy to learn about your book deal.


Hi Robyn.

Lovely post, already in an irresistible, almost magnetic bookwriter's style. ;-) I'm so looking forward to browse the pages of your first edition for recipes, background stories and Dave's beautiful pics.

And: Fear not. I'm sure your book will be perfect. Actually, for me it'll become most perfect at the point where there's some imperfections and less streamlined stories left wich make the difference to most of those other cookbooks out there. Don't know whether you'll get rich 'n famous with it but, then again, can't see any good reason why not. :-)

Happy 2014 for the both of you!


Congratulations and thanks for inspiring words!!! I am looking forward to buying your book about Turkey, as I am became obsessed with this country after our visit in 2011.

Kate Blackmer

If I could order three copies of this book right now, I would. Can't wait!!! Congratulations.


Lovely post Robyn, spot on! Almost completely mirrors our experience with India. Happy obsessive 2014 to both of you xx



Deb Olson

There is s slot waiting for your book on my beloved cookbook shelf. By taking your advise & giving into a dream & taking a crazy impromptu trip to Turkey....I feel your passion for this beautiful country & it's people.


"Give in to your obsessions.Turn stories into a book." Best advice ever from @EatingAsia #2014


Congratulations on the book deal - I only recently came across your blog and I am thrilled there will be a book soon. I have long been fascinated with Turkey, the language, the culture and, above all, the food and it will be interesting to see an outsider's take on it (having lived abroad for the past 13 odd years I noticed that it can often be the outsiders who have the keener eye for detail and who are better at unlocking the secrets to traditional recipes).




This is a really inspirational post, and so happy for you! I completely agree with you - it's so important to pursue your dream


So looking forward to more Turkey stories. Eat and travel well--Shira (and Graeme)


Thanks everyone for your congrats, your support, and your generous words. The book's publication will be a great excuse to get on the road and, hopefully, meet some of you at signings and readings. A wonderful 2014 to all!


Wonderful! I've been reading your blog for years...love it. Look forward to the book.


Thank you Elaine! Lovely to hear from a long--time reader.


Congratulations! When you are absent from the blog for a while I truly miss your voice and images; consoling myself with reading old posts. Looking forward to your book.


Hi Robyn,

Can't wait to get a signed copy of the book. I loved this post.


Fantastic news! Really looking forward to your book! :)

Thanks also for sharing the thought-provoking story of your journey to it, too.


One has to follow it's passions - there is no way to happiness in life. Btw - just followed you on Twitter as well - please keep it up. Looking forward to connect! Torsten


There are times where you stumble into an article/quotes/wise words at the right moment and it gives you that bit of encouragement you needed to hear/read. That validates somehow what you're about to do makes sense, even if you're not quite sure how you're going to go about it just yet. If only to momentarily calm you down.
But "Give into your obsessions. They can become great stories." are wise words at a moment where I think I'm either crazy, or stubborn. Or maybe both. But you need a little bit of crazy when you think it's something worth doing, even if I'm having doubts and many fears on this project I didn't think was going to take on. But if you didn't believe in it, it wouldn't be worth pursuing.
Great article Robyn. Am glad I read it!! And good luck with the cookbook, it will be a great one, have no doubts. I will be in line to buy it.


Hey Haris -- thanks for the lovely comment. I'm glad to know reading this post helped you through hesitation at the right moment. And thanks for reading!


I just came to your site for the first after reading the Serious Eats article (and realized that I've read your articles in other publications!). I'm so excited to hear that you're writing a Turkish food cookbook! I visited Turkey for the first time about 3 months ago and totally fell in love with the food and the country. I'm looking forward to your book coming out and recreating Turkish food in my NYC kitchen.

Unrelated, I also love that you love eating in Taiwan- I'm from Taiwan (but grew up and live in the U.S.) and I always think Taiwan is so underrated both in terms of being a travel and food destination. Thank you!

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