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So great to see you enjoyed DF Mexico City, Robyn! That was our first trip after returning to Canada and the taste of Tacos el Pastor and Pulpo Ceviche still lingers. It is an absolutely frustrating place in another respect because as you alluded to, it would be impossible to to really get to know in any time span short of 1 month.


I loved Mexico City so much - a few people warned me against it saying it wasn't safe, but I pooh poohed them and had a wonderful time, even when I was on my own. Beautiful pictures!

Hamish Healys

No doubt you’ve enjoyed some eating at Merced Market in Mexico City. And you’re right. There are some interesting, delectable food to be found in markets. I used to have breakfast in a Taipei market where they had 10 – 15 different ways of cooking eggs!


I'm salivating as I'm reading this since I love Mexicna food. Love your international culinary stories - learned quite a bit. The photographs make me feel like I'm actually right there about to eat the dish...I wish I was!

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