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I swear everything in Penang tastes nicer. I think it's the water.

GL Ooi

I enjoyed reading this piece. Perhaps you will need to venture afield when you need your KTT fix on a Mon. That often happens to me and I get it at Clarke Street. This stall does the chicken soup version, with the optional side dish of boiled chicken meat with taugeh. The more common greens in KTT is lettuce, not choy sum. In fact that is how we spot KTT stalls from afar, from stalks of hanging lettuce.

I grew up on KTT breakfasts on a lane behind the Cathay cinema. My mom would drop me there en route to Chowrasta Market. I can vividly remember the wooden crates used as tables for customers who would be sitting on low wooden stools.


Dear Robyn,

I love the simplicity and wholesomeness of a koay teow thng, especially after a weekend of food and drink indulgence!

khanitha Ning

Hi, just done it on the other day...but with the beef broth...this dish always confort me when I feel lonely or homsick in Germany....
Thank you
Khanitha Ning


Just a minor correction - th'ng is Hokkien for "soup", not "clear". Penang is a largely Hokkien town.

Ismail N

It is so nice of you to write this post on the humble KKT, which otherwise I would not have known of (despite being a Malaysian). It looks a bit like the wantan ho in Sabah. Really, you've done KTT a great service. :D

Ariette Coleman

I haven't been to Malaysia. I keep on asking my mom if we could at least spend one summer in there. The food looks great. I'll show this post to my mom and maybe she'll change her mind. Haha. I love what ChopinandMysaucepan said in this thread "simplicity and wholesomeness of a koay teow thng." Can't wait. =)

Peggy Tee

Love simple, plain noodle soup! It's heartwarming, comforting and good for you. I always think of it as Malaysia's version of chicken soup for the soul!

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