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You will finish. And it's not good at all. It's GREAT! I know, after 80+ recipes, tested relished and devoured.:)


Ps. really love this recipe post, too.


Thanks Ana!

Dianne Jacob

If the meal you made for us in Turkey is any indication, and as Dave's photos demonstrate, it is going to be a gorgeous book with excellent recipes and stories. It will be well written, engaging, and intelligent, like all your other writing. It will also benefit from Rux's edit, as she is a genius.

One more tip: avoid the word mixture, as it is general vs. specific. Above: sauce.


Hey Dianne -- thank you! And for the tip re: wordage. I welcome and all writing tips from you, anywhere, anytime.


An unfortunate problem with Marsala in Australia is that a brand of sweet eggy Marsala al 'Uovo made locally came to define Marsala.
It's a longish trip from home to little Italy to find dry Marsala sans egg.


Hi Ross -- thanks for the heads up. That would certainly muck up the recipe.


You are nearly there, about to burst through the ribbon at the finish line. I'll echo Ana's sentiments. Though I've only tried thirty or so of the recipes, that's enough to say this book is going to be great! Really looking forward to having the official version, complete with Dave's photographs.
The pear recipe sounds wonderful, and those aromas you describe. . .

Gabriella Z

Love the way this is written! Am sure your writing workshop was fantastic and that the book will be absolutely "delicious" in every way. Can completely understand the anxiety of feeling like time is running out and fatigue certainly doesn't help!


Thanks Gabriella!

Soe | limeandcilantro

Just voted for you :D Omg I am now a new fan for your blog :D


Thanks for the kind words, and for visiting this space! Good luck to you with the Awards Soe.
Robyn and Dave

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