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Hmm, hungry now. I think that picture shows rice soup, Khao Tom where I live in Thailand, rather than rice porridge/jok/congee.


Hi Eddie - Yes I'm familiar with khao tom, which is a type of rice porridge (as I mention in the text). This is Teochew-style rice porridge (as opposed to thick Cantonese-style or Hong Kong-style), a thinner porridge made with nothing but rice and water.
Thanks for looking in.


Love the idea of being able to customise your own hot breakfast every day and the unusual savoury combinations in this dish!

Black chicken

I'd love to see an oriental black chicken recipe on here... you can get them form Humble Home Farm in the UK. They are quite amazing birds!


It's a great idea, Tracey -- a blank canvas along the lines of polenta, to change with whatever you decide to add to it. Thanks for reading!

Noted on the black chicken; that will have to wait till we return to Penang in late July! In China black chicken is considered medicinal, and is most often used in very simple soups, often double-boiled, with ginger/ginseng and other medicinal herbs.
Thanks for reading, I'll see what I can do.

Michael Czyzewski

My mom used to make porridge in this style. If she felt like it, she'd add a cubed sweet potato to cook with the rice. Pickled radish to eat along with the porridge.

Glad to see you blogging again!


Thanks! Nice to see a comment from you again. :)

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